Startup Program

Build Your Exchange with the Modulus Startup Incubator Program for Developers and Teams

Save up to 90% on the Modulus Spot and Derivatives Exchange Solution
Start developing today at a fraction of the cost!

Market downturns present tremendous opportunity for startups to develop new products, but funding is often scarce.

In 1997, Modulus began as a small startup with the vision to work with every trader, financial institution, and exchange on the planet. We understand that funding is hard to come by for startups, especially during market downturns, so we are ready to help you with significant discounts on our solutions.

Your Shortcut to Success - Available for a Limited Time!

Leverage over 100,000 man-hours of development time on spot & derivatives exchange development using the Modulus Startup Incubator Program.

That's an added value of over $8 million plus time to market - if we're counting.

Plus, benefit from our industry knowledge, connections, and marketing resources!

Modulus Exchange Solution

The Modulus Spot & Derivatives Exchange Solutions are versatile. List unlimited tradable assets, including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, security tokens and more.

The backend has been developed in a mixture of Go and C#, and the matching engine can process over 84 million transactions per second.

The user interface, and even the matching engine, can be customized to any extent.

The solution suppots regulatory compliance with KYC and blockchain forensics through Ciphertrace and Chainanalysis.

Program Details

The Modulus Startup Incubator Program allows startups to purchase Modulus Spot and/or Derivatives Exchange Solutions for one (1) exchange or application over a one (1) year period, with up to a 90% discount off the standard license fee. Startups may optionally renew the license for an additional year through our SaaS offering.

This offer is intended for startups that have (or can obtain) access to DevOps engineer(s) and C#, Go, web, and mobile app developers. This is a self-service program; while knowledgebase access, documentation, and product updates are included, and while some assistance with deployment is provided, ongoing support is not included, but may be obtained via an upgrade. Matching engine transaction speeds are limited to 10 million TPS (may be upgraded to 84 MTPS). Other restrictions and limitations may apply. Speak with a Modulus sales representative for complete details.

Thousands of startups all over the world have already applied for the Modulus Startup Incubator Program. Join them today!

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We want to get you off to a great start! Here are the requirements:

1. Your company is privately held.

2. Your company is not a competitor to Modulus.

3. Your company was established less than three (3) years ago.

4. Your company has a website or existing public reference on the Internet.

Products Covered

The Modulus Startup Incubator Program covers the Modulus Spot and Derivatives Exchange Solutions, excluding optional add-ons or service fees for third-party service providers that are integrated (including but not limited to BitGo, Fireblocks, KYC, AML, etc.). The provided source code will fast track the development of any spot or derivatives cryptocurrency exchange, security token exchange, merchant payment system, market making system, trading system, and more. Leverage over 100,000 hours of software development with our source code.


Q: Can I apply for the Startup Incubator Program more than once?
A: No. Eligible startups are permitted to receive the startup discount only once. After you are approved, you may license the product for one application only.

Q: Can the startup discount be combined with other discounts or special offers?
A: No. The startup discount may not be combined with any other discounts or special offers.

Q: How does the Startup Program work for the Modulus Exchange Solution?
A: Receive up to a 90% discount on the Modulus Spot and Derivatives Exchange Solutions for use with one application (exchange, trading application, or other application). Qualified startups must have (or be able to obtain) access to: DevOps engineer(s) and C#, Go, web, and mobile app developers. The engineers and developers should be skilled in financial software development. This is a self-service program; while knowledge base access and documentation are included, support and product updates are not included, but may be obtained via an upgrade.

Q: Do you offer credit or refunds for licenses bought without the discount?
A: We do not offer credit or refunds for any licenses purchased before applying for a discount under the Startup Incubator Program. We also do not offer any refunds for the Startup Incubator Program license fee, as source code is provided upon delivery.

Q: Will the Startup Program expire?
A: This is a limited time offer. Modulus reserves the right to end the Startup Incubator Program at any time and plans to pause the program in the near future.