Customizable Solutions for the Professional Trader

Powerful HPC and AI Capabilities

As a professional trader, your expertise, instinct, and determination are the driving forces behind your achievements. However, off-the-shelf software solutions often fall short, hindering your ability to develop, test, and implement trading strategies to their full potential.

Modulus, a leading provider of cutting-edge trading technology for platforms like TradeStation, CTrader, TradeNavigator and various quant platforms can help you break through these limitations. By leveraging the power of high-performance computing techniques, both in software and hardware, Modulus empowers you to generate greater alpha and optimize the speed of your processing and transactional capabilities.

Explore Every Variable

Monitor and optimize all trading system variables. Simulate specific market conditions. Test disaster scenarios.

Trade Anything

Equities, options, futures, FX, cryptocurrencies, baskets, custom synthetic instruments, and more.

Maintain Control

Control where orders are routed. Keep a watchful eye on strategies. Identify when market dynamics begin to change.

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Our trading solutions provide bridges to popular market data vendors, as well direct market access (DMA) adapters, for ultra-low latency. FIX adapters for many brokers, as well as DMA connectivity options, are also available. Our solutions are typically installed in close proximity to, or within, market exchange buildings. Historic market data is provided via the Modulus Real-Time Data Server.


Our trading solution framework allows for visual drag & drop system programming, and programming with TradeScript, C#, C++, F#, R, and Python programming languages. Data is accessible through our integrated time-series database with visual rendering of results in our award-winning chart library, which can display millions of points.

Advanced Features

Program powerful trading systems that make use of machine learning, inter-market analysis, multi-time-frame analysis, and real-time, tick-by-tick market scanning. Implement powerful neural networks and genetic algorithms for deep learning, natural language recognition for ultra-fast sentiment analysis, rough set theory, fractal and cycle analysis, pattern recognition, plus more.

With Modulus, you can exploit even the most highly efficient markets.

Ultra High Performance

Modulus Trading Solutions are designed for high frequency trading of equities, futures, options, forex, and cryptocurrencies. For ultra-low latency, our custom hardware solutions are capable of generating signals in less than 30 nanoseconds, providing for absolute minimal slippage.

Our industry-leading HFT machine learning system is based on IBM Power9 processors and FPGA algorithms. The system is capable of running at multi-port full-duplex rates of 140 Gbps at 156.25 MHz from an FPGA to an industry-standard multi-mode fiber optic cable for direct network, low latency, in-the-pipe processing of ultra-low-latency, high frequency trading strategies that utilize extremely fast out-of-sample feed-forward neural network signal processing.

Financial Software Development Components Offered by Our Sister Company, Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc.

Why Modulus?

Our solutions are based on many years of experience in the technology industry. Our products and services are provided by developers and engineers who have first-hand experience in using the systems that they create. Everyone at Modulus speaks your language.

Client confidentiality is important to us, for small firms to top hedge funds alike. We provide an ironclad Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to all clients.

Also, we take pride in being highly accessible. With Modulus, you will never be redirected to an outsourced team, and you won't find a problem we can't solve.

Innovative and reusable.

We believe in the power of innovative and reusable technologies.

We harness this power by attracting the world's greatest talent, bringing vital partners into our global platform, and leveraging our solution accelerators and frameworks.

With Modulus, there are no long-term contracts, recurring license fees, or revenue sharing schemes. Just the tools and support that clients need.

For custom projects, we use a Success-Based Fee Model, which reduces risk and ensures predictable pricing.

Getting started with Modulus is easy.